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I am a Professional EOS Implementer for the Entrepreneurial Operating System. EOS helps companies clarify their vision, gain traction, and get healthy so they can achieve and exceed their goals.

Many organizations struggle with growth, people issues, challenges in the marketplace, and grapple with hundreds at any given moment. EOS is a way to simplify all of these challenges into Six Key Components, and get all of the moving parts of a business working together in harmony. The companies that EOS is generally a fit for are between 10-250 employees in size, are open minded and growth oriented, and are more afraid of the status quo than they are of change.

If you're an entrepreneur that feels stuck, overwhelmed, that there isn't enough profit, enough time, or are facing challenges with your growth, EOS could be a solution to help you get a grip on your business.

I invite all Walnut Creek Chamber members to schedule 90 minutes with me for free to walk through EOS and discover if the system could help get more of what they want out of their business. Just reference that you're a Walnut Creek chamber member when you reach out and we can find time together.

You can reach me either via email or website below:

Email: greg.weitzman@eosworldwide.com

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