PSOMAS | Balancing the Natural and Built Environment

PSOMAS | Balancing the Natural and Built Environment


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Construction Management Plus
Covello's construction management specialists do more than manage public infrastructure projects. We provide the knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to lead collaborative teams that deliver smarter, resource-efficient solutions for communities across California.

Want to know more about the 'Plus'?
Construction Management + Collaboration + Leadership + Enthusiasm + Trust-Building + Resource-Efficiency...

Successful construction management is about more than managing a contract or timely project delivery. It's about creating the conditions for the best solutions to rise and thrive. This is where Covello excels. Our purpose is to lead and manage projects that contribute to a more resilient, resource-efficient future for communities across California. And we are inspired to make a positive difference with each and every project we undertake by leading teams to build smarter solutions. That's why we say Covello offers its clients 'Construction Management Plus.'

Our team is composed of construction managers with unique (or highly evolved) collaboration and leadership skills. We manage engagements where all parties are motivated to excel and serve the best interests of the project, the client, and the public. And we build relationships that last, based on a spirit of mutual trust.

When you retain Covello, you get more than experienced construction managers. You get a team committed to your project's overall success by delivering greater efficiency, a green bottom line, and a better future for stakeholders across our Golden State.

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Gary Skrel
Vice President | Regional Manager