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I’m Joe Iovenitti and I am a geologist who in 2014 decided to work with the community instead. As you can imagine that transition has a story which I will leave for another time.
I am an Asset Protection Consultant who helps individuals, families and business owners Protect Their Most Valuable Asset and Retain More of Their Wealth.
My principal business focus is assisting business owners in being more profitable NOT by selling services to them but rather by providing them 11 cost saving approaches Ten of the 11 approaches are provided at NO out-of-the-pocket cost and at NO risk to the business owners. My firm accomplishes this by
1. Sharing in a percentage of the cost savings generated so there is no out-of-pocket cost for the business owner
2. If we do not generate the cost savings we are not reimbursed so there is no risk.
One of the 11 approaches involves a nominal subscription fee which is elected solely at the discretion of the business owner.
The 11 approaches involve tax incentives and business expense mitigation. I work with small to medium size companies, 5 - 750 employees and any type of company and any industry.
I also provide Wealth Preservation by deferring capital gains tax at the time of the sale of highly-appreciated assets as well as life insurance and annuities.


  • Business Owner Cost Savings
  • Defer Capital Gains Tax
  • Convert Debt to Wealth
  • Lide Insuarance and Annuities

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Joe Iovenitti
Asset Protection Consultant